Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First post of the year

I haven't updated for more than two weeks; life had gotten in the way i suppose. My christmas was, to say the least, quite lonely. I spent the day on my own watching episodes of my favourite show, and unwrapping the presents I had bought for my cat. New years was better, a random party where i met loads of new people.

The best thing about this part of the year though, is undoubtably the boxing day sales. Although totally broke, I managed to buy a few sass & bide pieces along with a few staples from forever new. Can't wait to head over to Melbourne later this year and be able to step into an actual s&b boutique..

The weather has been constantly nearing forty degrees and this has made it impossible to live in anything but loose, floaty tops and skirts. I try to avoid the uniform of tee and shorts that most girls seem to permanently live in and try to put my own twist into my outfits.

top: sass & bide. skirt: forever new. leather bandeaux: lucky 13. flats: midas.

The last picture is to show the detail of this delicately beaded high waisted skirt, and to be honest, i wish i could pull off this look without seeming like a hooker..