Sunday, February 7, 2010

Loving right now

I really need to make the effort to post more often. I've been meaning to do a few posts on a few special things i've recieved over the past few weeks...including the new love of my life (hint: she's pink buttery leather goodness) and a ring i have been coveting for quite a while. I'm in the process of purchasing a cheaper dslr (i used to have a 450d but had to sell to buy my macbook air; well worth it), which means outfit posts will be more frequent.

For now, some of the things i've recently been lusting over...

sass & bide: futuregrand

combat boots

bright, pink lips

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  1. Did you get the Miu Miu bag?? Lucky!! How do you like the Macbook? I'm thinking of getting one.


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