Friday, December 11, 2009

six things to obsess over (more so)

I am an obsessive person. When I like or want something I incessantly think about it until I have reached a conclusion; whatever that may be. These are the six things I'm currently having a love affair with...

1. Dawson's Creek

Other than a select few other television series (The L Word, Queer as Folk) Dawson's Creek has always been my favourite. While some may put it down to teenage angsty fluff, I am more in love with it at 23 than I was while first watching it at 13. Why do I love it so much? Even in my darkest moods, it has never failed to give me hope about life and love. And as for the overachieving use of dialect so often ridiculed? Well, could you honestly say you'd rather the characters talk like the real kids of today?

2. YSL Arty Oval Ring

Jumping on the bandwagon late (as always, and i like it that way!), I have fallen in mad, deep, passionate love with this gold, turquoise-y chunky piece of goodness. Now it must be said that I am not a jewellery person, but as of late I seem to be changing my tune. If anything, the YSL ring has not only pushed me over the edge, it has me falling headfirst! Too bad the few on ebay are double the original cost, and the ones available for preorder at saks have a $60 shipping fee...

3. Miu miu bow satchel in mughetto

I have posted this bag before. Never in my life have i yearned for a material possession so much as the bow satchel, in this delicious, good enough to eat shade of blush pink. I am not kidding, i would sell all my clothes for this bag. I would rather walk the streets in old, torn moth-eaten garments if only i could sport this baby on my arm...ahh, the dream.

4. That one, special, amazing coat to take to New York

I am going to my dream city, New York, in February or March next year and I am aware that the level of cold at that time of year is beyond anything I've ever experienced. Coming from a place of mediterranean climate like Perth, I am mind-numblingly cold at 10 degrees. So to contemplate below zero temperatures I will need the perfect, neutral coloured, heavy coat.

A couple of months ago I found this boyfriend coat on the topshop website, and was instantly attracted, but let it go (at the time thinking i was never going to get to NY). Browsing on lookbook a few days ago, I stumbled across a picture that took my breath away. The girl in this photo is dressed exactly as I would be in the winter, her look is exactly mine, down to the spotted tights. It was then that I knew I needed this coat..but yet again, my lateness has meant that I have missed out.
I'm not going to give up, there must be someone out there wanted to sell this coat in a size 6!

Which leads me to my next obsession...

5. Winter (and winter fashion)

I have always been a summer person, simply because i can never handle any type of coldness. But lately, sitting in my hot house, in my hot town, 33 degrees is no longer as appealing as it once was. I miss being swamped in woollens, my hair acting as a scarf (not sticking damply to my neck), huddled against the wind and rain with a coffee clutched in one hand and the other stuffed deep in a coat pocket. Being wrapped in layer upon layer.

6. Alexa Chung

This girl is a goddess. She dresses in the way that I have always inspired to dress. She has a way of making feminine clothing more tomboy-esque, which i can totally identify with (i was a complete tomboy up until a few years ago, and still am a little).
Alexa has a charm and quirk that makes her stand out far beyond any other 'it girl' for me. If I could just borrow (ok, have) her wardrobe, i would be a very happy girl..!


  1. I hear you LOUD and clear. I adore winter fashion, now that summer has hit Perth and I can only think about sheer fabrics and softness and less, less, less. Nothing is better than winter fashion!

    And that Miu Miu satchel is to die for!!! LOVE IT!! As I do the gorge YSL ring drooooool.

    Hope you're having a great weekend bella

  2. That miu miu bag is soooo gorgeous. Anything with bows I immediatley fall for!


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