Monday, April 12, 2010


today is the first day this year (minus the massive storm a few weeks ago of course) that it has been truly cold and rainy. Usually this would sadden me but this time i leapt out of bed with the sound of raindrops and my first thoughts were:
'ooo what coat should i wear today? tights maybe? boots, hurrah!'

after a few outfit changes i settled on something simple. i'll save the heavy layering, combat boots and scarf goodness for when it starts getting really cold.

dress: cotton on. cardi: witchery. boots: cassette society.

polka dots are quite cheery, wouldn't you say?
i've been thinking about colouring my hair, but i have no idea what to do...i guess this mop will have to stay until i decide.


  1. you girl look amazing

    like a model

  2. Keep the colour babes, it works!

  3. so want those CS boots! i was the same today leggings and boots, rain-autumn makes me happy.
    Erza pound is kinda near in 'william laneway' near William St between James St and Roe St ..go through the dodgy carpark to the graffiti filled lane..wowza funky smallbar xo

  4. GAH, jealous. It's been extremely humid here for the past few days in Queensland. D:

  5. I just stumbled across your blog and your so gorgeous! I love your hair that colour haha

    Just followed you :)

    And i totally agree with the coldness thing

  6. Oh I know that feeling of waking up, feeling cold and a little excited to wear tights, and light scarves and things. We won't be saying this in a few months time though! haha

  7. just found your blog, sounds like you're in perth too??
    i think you should die your hair red maybe? i think a nice dark red would suit you, but it's pretty drastic :P
    i'm following!

  8. Ohh I have the same dress as yours from Cotton on except mine is a top! :D love your outfit! perfect for this Perth weather!

    yes, I love the rain too. Instead of me jumping out of bed, I snoozed quietly and snuggled beneath my sheets. Then this arvo I went out for some hot chocolate and couldn't agree more to wear boots and a sweater! I love this weather in Perth ♥


  9. love this look. your hair is gorgeous! <3

  10. You look amazing!!!
    Love your hair, it's so perfect.

  11. Absolutely love the cardi. Honestly, I'm obsessed. Ha. I know how cold has it been recently? Shocking.
    Your "mop" is stunning - I think you should keep it as is. :)
    p.s. complete agreement about Mad Men, by the way. Brilliant.

  12. haha, I thought the exact same thing at the start of the week. I went, "what coat/blazer/jacket can I wear? And what boots?"

    Love winter for the fashion choices, not so much for the crappy rain, dammit.

    Go away!

    p.s. love your hair...can't wait to see what you do next with it. Lol, reality style hair :)

  13. Your hair always looks so gorgeous, I love your boots and yes polka dots are quite cheery haha


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