Thursday, April 8, 2010

odds and ends

been quite busy with work, uni, and organising my trip to new york, which is less than a month away. i've actually found it very hard to save all my money. it made me realise just how much i spend on clothes and accessories, something a struggling student should not do!

seeing as i haven't posted for awhile, i thought this post could be my week in picture form...

part une: items i have a serious lust issue with..

i would kill for these tristan blair leopard booties. Literally murder someone. Ok, maybe not that far but i'd consider selling my soul.

part deux: today's outfit..

shirt dress: dotti. scarf: forever new. tights: sportsgirl.

a simple, thrown together outfit for rushing out the door. it felt so good to be wearing a scarf...i love autumn.

part trois: purchases..

drape cardigan: witchery

pictured here with a long satin top and acne wedges. i like to plan ways to wear pieces, although all that ever happens is a mad rush of throwing clothes everywhere trying to find something that matches.

and i swear, the cardi was all i bought this week! although even with that small purchase i felt a little guilty for my NY piggy bank..


  1. New York New York.. Lucky lady. I done the same thing while trying to save for my Europe trip and kicked myself when I thought of all the extra cash I could have spent while travelling :(

  2. just stumbled onto your blog- its lovely! i LOVE those acne wedges- i wish i had a store nearby where i lived that sold acne merch. jealous! good luck saving up!

    p.s. if you're interested, check out the diane von furstenberg giveaway on my blog!


  3. Ooo I wore a scarf today too and am also very happy about it!! And swoon - what is that black bag from the second picture? Please don't tell me it's the Country Road one you can't get anymore..?

    My nailpolish in those pictures is OPI "You Don't Know Jacques".

  4. hi sweet

    No they aren't the chloe ones....she got them from office in london.

    cute blog!


  5. That is the best news!! Thanks so much for that little gem of info!!

  6. OH MY! those leopard boots!!!

    arghhh why did you have to show them to me? i'm so in love it hurts. le sigh.

    i've been trying to save too. it's so hard. i always spent wayyyy too much on clothes and accessories than a struggling student should have.. but at least you'll always be the best dressed! =)


  7. i love it all! your blog never ceases to impress x

  8. Oh, those leopard print ankle boots! Just another case to add support to the theory that every time I visit your blog I come away with new shoe lust haha. Good luck with the saving! It'll be all worth it when you're in NY :)

  9. god everyone seems to have that mulberry bag and everytime I see it I'm like "Please can it fall from the sky on my hands?!"..! I wish I had the money to buy great stuff like these,Ilove these wedges,seen them many times!

  10. New York, New York!

    So exciting. I must try to get there one day, soon.

    And I'm loving the Witchery cardi and those wedges. Are the shoes a recent purchase? I was overwhelmed by the constant blogging about them when they first came out, but I now adore them. Wonder how hard it would be to find a pair....

    And p.s. Those Tristan Blairs? I hear you. Murder is out, but happy to exchange my sister for a pair :D

  11. I love everything here! Cute pictures! I Love your blog. Great post.

  12. great oufit something i would so wear!! love your shopping picks to. went shopping in city yesterday and did some damage to :-\ yeah for autumn finally arriving

  13. ahhhhh!!! you own the acne wedges! i'm incredibly jealous!

  14. Your blog is great aaaannnddd I LOOOOVE the Acne Atacomas! So jealous! XO


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