Monday, March 29, 2010


if you haven't guessed already, one of my favourite designers is sass & bide. girly but edgy, it is one label where almost every piece i own, want or must have.

dress and vest: sass & bide.

The dress i got on sale. The vest...well, i tell myself it is an investment piece. $490 for a vest?? insane...yet i swear it was calling me from it's place proudly displayed on a wall. 'come know you wanna take me home.'
i have to admit, the thing is pretty crazy, what with it's ruffles and studs. but i love it.

another thing i've been rocking lately is pink PINK lips. a little pretty, a little whorish, digging it.

bloom 'foxtrot'


  1. Ohh sass & bide do make some killer pieces. Case in point: your outfit. With any pricey item (helloooo leather jackets), I always use the cost per wear method of reasoning. Has been working a treat so far - my mind is at relative ease haha. The pink lipstick suits you - I'm still on the hunt for a decent pink shade. Will have to suss out bloom. What's their range like?

  2. Too gorgeous. I love sass&bide because I think they're one of the most stylish but WEARABLE labels in Australia. They also work for both day to day and night time, which I adore. I really wish I had more s&b in my life!!

    I'm also obsessed with pink lips - what colours/brands are you into? I am still trying to find the perfect shade!


  3. hottie! loving s&b on you. I passed an award onto you babe...have a looksee on my blog x

  4. $490?? Wow...Pretty awesome vest, though. Worth it, in the long run. ;)
    Thank you so much for your comment on my weekly recap post - recently I've been worrying about whether people actually even enjoy what I write about, or whether I should just do what everyone else does, or something. So it's really nice to hear comments like that. You made my day.

    Yay go to the zoo! Who cares if you're friends think it's for little kids, haha. ;) Yeah there's a blogger's check-in table out the front, for us bloggers invited to the event and then dinner tables for us to eat at. Pretty cool, especially considering it was all free. :)


  5. nice! my friend works at sass & bide... sneaky 60% off deals through her are always splendid!

  6. i love this vest so much.
    its one of my fav S&B pieces i think
    i have been stalking DJS like nobodies business waiting for it to be on sale and i have a fear it wont happen.
    they started doing markdowns and it was still full price.
    i should just bite the bullet and buy it before i miss out should i?
    its just soo expensive for a little vest :(

  7. The vest and dress are amazing! I love your ring and your bag is adorable :)

  8. sass & bide would probably be the one designer collection I'll actually spend so much on. It's like I always have to work out whats worth it and whats not and I think sass & bide is worth it :) I love the PINK LIPS! very sexy & sassy. I've always wanted to wear some but I know it wont suit me *bloos*

    - Michelle
    LÉS Mm

  9. oh wow, you're gorgeous. thanks for the comment. i love your outfit. that ring is perfect! XOXO

  10. i love Sass & bid and you look soooo hot w/ the pink lip! xx

  11. love this outfit! and loving the pink lips as well! xx

  12. hi darl (:

    thanks for the comment, to answer your question, the hot chocolate was made by me (: we went to the shops and just bought hot chocolate mix and marshmallows then added whipped cream on top :D

    But if you would like to know where else we go to get coffee & hot chocolate on Beaufort St, it's at Exomod (: I think it's a lovely place, and if so, then go to Soto for coffee = yummy!

    have a lovely day darl x

  13. Your outfits are always so impeccably put together. I am in awe. And I absolutely love your ring!

  14. how could buying that vest not be justified, its so adorable x

  15. The photographies of yours are truly beautiful and I find myself dreaming of New York. I believe it is wonderful there, so full of life and you seem to belong there some how even though I don't know you :)


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