Wednesday, November 25, 2009

atacoma = <3

My acne atacomas finally arrived in the mail. It was a close call, they almost didn't get delivered! I've been dreaming of these arriving on my doorstep day and night for a week.

I got size 38 but I am really a 39. I couldn't get the bigger size so I decided to take the chance. At first I couldn't even get them on...but with a little leather stretching spray, some patience and a whole lot of pain, they are starting to fit much better.

Who knew I could love a pair of inanimate objects to the point of happily bearing torture?

The number of stares and odd looks was, living in Perth, not surprising. How I long for the day to be somewhere where having a sense of fashion is accepted and celebrated, not ridiculed and out of place.

shoes: acne atacoma. nails: kit 'high roller'.

Even though I just recieved them yesterday, a pic from wheredidugetthat of Jeffrey Campbell Alexa's in ivory made me swoon. I wish I wasn't so broke (and lived in New York but that's another story)!

The ALEXA wedges come in ivory!!!!: on Twitpic


  1. i definitly know what you mean about being somewhere where fashion is celebrated rather than ridiculed, even here in sydney i feel so awkward walking around, even when im happy with what im wearing stares and sniggering really puts you off :( great shoes by the way, i wouldnt be laughing by dying of jealousy if i saw you in them! hehe

  2. I was going to say the exact same thing as Anya! About both Sydney and the jealousy! I recently spent 3 weeks in NYC and had so much fun dressing up and stomping around like I owned the place. My boyfriend said to me "other girls keep staring at you... I think that's a good thing." Haha.
    Nice blog by the way.

  3. Perth crushes anyone's personal sense of style :(
    Along with the weird looks and people's bogan perth style we hardly have the shops or even the vintage shops to allow us to have a more...I can't think of the word...developed, unique, classy, proper sense of fashion.

    However, I am in love with your shoes.
    And believe you should wear them with pride regardless of whatever looks you get.
    Tbh, no matter WHAT anyone wears, people stare.

  4. Hi there. It's nice to see someone blogging from little old Perf!! I totally hear you & am with you babe. I'm used to the stares & half the time I'm wearing something that i deem çasual! I think it is bcos I dare to wear shoes other than thongs!! I have lived in Sydney & have to say it's nothing like Perth in terms of the fashion-conservatism that exists here.. Stand tall & proud chicky.............x

  5. ^ have you got a blog anonymous? I love finding other bloggers from Perth too...someone to share the pain of there being a place hard to express style...


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