Wednesday, March 17, 2010

see by chloe equals love

they came in the mail..!!

I woke up as soon as i heard the courier pull up at my front door, hurriedly got dressed and paraded around admiring my feet.
This explains why i look half asleep in these pictures, and also why they are a little blurry (hehe!)

top and vest: sass & bide. bandeau: lucky 13. skirt: forever new. boots: see by chloe.

These are a size 8.5 yet are a little tight on my feet...i will eternally curse whoever i inherited wide set toes from! A lot of walking and stretching is in order before i leave for america...


  1. oh wowee! I love your outfit! I really love the vest! and you look gorgeous in these photos!

    Run around the house that helps with stretching them to fit.

  3. ah the shoes look amazing. i have that vest, but mine got crinkled in luggage i tried ironing it and it didn't do much, do you steam yours?

  4. Haha I've done the "make myself look semi decent before opening the door to the courier" run one too many times. However, by the look of your outfit, you obviously do a better job than me! Loving the shoes :)

  5. That whole outfit is so amazing!

  6. cool shoes, how u wear dress in sleeping mood,
    oh i think it is easy to wear
    looks cute

  7. love the boots.
    and love your blog!
    i am becoming a follower :)

  8. love your outfit and blog!
    am now following it

  9. Oh my god, they're gorgeous. So many times I've seen them and been tempted, but have not yet caved. They look fab on your feet.

    And hello...wish I looked this hot when I got up.

    p.s. how fab are AusPost visits (even if they themselves are usless!)????

  10. I LOVE your shoes and the rest of the outfit is so cute, I'm adding you to my blog list right now by the way!

  11. God, you've got absolutely beautiful hair. Just so you know, haha.
    Ahh the awkward period of 'breaking-in' new shoes - lots of band aids and ice packs, new shoes can be a real bitch sometimes. But these are definitely worth any pain or discomfort. Super hot.
    There's an award waiting for you at my blog, by the way. :)

  12. LOOK at those amazing kicks.... they are the most incredible sneakers i've ever seen!

  13. Such a cool top..please tell me those boots are comfy.

  14. yummy yummy yummy yummy. chloe do GREAT boots every year.

    p.s. about the boots - you can get them stretched widthways at a cobbler for about $15 or you can buy stretching spray and do it yourself... xx

  15. awh thank you for your comment, I'm glad it made you happy :) oh my me and my friend got in our car and it just started pouring with rain, the streets were flooded and it was hard for us to drive yet we were in a four wheel drive haha. I quite miss the weather like that, last night was stormy and now the sun's out so bright & clear! it's so weird.

    - Michelle

  16. OMG, those boots! Love them!
    Nice blog, by the way, will follow you!

    PS, you've amazing hair!

  17. omgsh! i adore those boots- sometimes i dislike big chunky black boots, but these are the perfect balance between tough and pretty! also your hair is kind of amazing....

    xx come visit!


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