Wednesday, March 24, 2010

why hello there.

my favourite shoes.
obviously not as awesome as the Chloe susans, but the closest i could get.
makes me feel like a cowboy! in the best way possible.

cassette society wild diamond studded boots

todays outfit! nice and simple...seeing as this hot weather refuses to let up.

as the colour in my hair fades out, i've been left with more and more blonde. yesterday a woman asked me if this was my natural hair colour. i would have thought (by the regrowth and the plain fact it is odd coloured) that the answer is obvious? but if people want to think i'm some sort of 'exotic european' (in her words), then hey, i'm digging it.


  1. Ohhh exotic european. I do adore your hair colour though, anything is better than mine which is plain black.

  2. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it!

  3. Stunning. Simply but chic.
    Who do you get to take your pictures, out of curiosity? A friend?

  4. Perfection. I love that the waist of your skirt is at your elbow, it creates the perfect line.

    After my hairdresser spends 6 hours bleaching my hair we both ooh and ahh at how 'natural' it is... natural if I was to spend 3821938 hours in the sun... I do understand what she means though.

    Beautiful post lady.

  5. Such lovely shoes..and I like that your hair is quite natural.

  6. looooooove your shoes!!!!!

    ps: do you know sth about the GIVEAWAY on my blog???
    you can win a copy of the FACEHUNTER BOOK!!

  7. love these shoes!
    so funny re the lady asking about your hair.
    when i was a teenager i dyed my hair BRIGHT red with fudge and a relief teacher said it was beautiful and asked if it was my natural colour.
    it was like fluro red.
    what a nutjob!

  8. Maybe the colour is odd enough that it couldn't come from a bottle?...
    Nice find with the shoes! And yes, I wish this heat would go away.

  9. you are such a beautiful girl! wow, those hairs, xx

  10. Exotic European sounds so... exotic. I'd claim it. You do have fantastic hair though. Slightly jealous. Anyway, I like these shoes. Every time I visit your page I always leave with a new shoe crush!

  11. love the shoes and your hair is amazinggggg

  12. Your hair is amazing - so thick and a brilliant cut, I'm so jealous!

    Love those boots - I have been eyeing them for quite some time and I just saw a pair in Forever New of all places which are "inspired by" (ripping off) the famous Chloes too. Decisions, decisions...


  13. lovely simple outfit.

    I must say your wardrobe is freakin amazing! What I would give to raid it!


  14. I love those shoes. And your hair is gorgeous!

  15. Your hair is so beautiful and so are those shoes!

  16. Oh PS. Sweets, we featured you on our Facebook page as our Blogger of the Moment. We just love your style way too much! =) xoxo

  17. awesome boots. have a great weekend.

  18. I freaking adore your hair, gorgeous girl. Gah, wish mine did something decent (too lazy to actually do anything to it myself :).

    And hello Cas Soc boots. Love the cassette society, they hit it every single time. These are so perfect. Soooo perfect.


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