Friday, March 5, 2010


I've been tagged by the lovely soph of owl vs. dove with the sportsgirl summer badge. How long has this been doing the rounds?? It's autumn, people!

What are you wearing right now?
Black rats and a polo tee with the slogan 'grab your west australian' printed on the back. Yes, i just got home from work.

What are your fave piece/s of clothing from the Sportsgirl summer collections?
I'm going to change it up here seeing as it's no longer summer and post my faves from the current collection.

Post a picture that means "summer" to you.

What tracks are essential on your summer playlist?
Tracks to chill out to. Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions is perfect.

Describe your perfect summer:
Road trips south, coffee and banana toffee tarts in mellow cafes, vodka and cranberry at friends' backyard parties, night swims at the beach.

Passing it onto:
i want what she's wearing
the robins


  1. Hahahaha, love that summer photo it's young and spirited.

    Really like those cream pumps too, perfect!

  2. Yes, yes half cast dad's the Filo side, mum the AU :)

    Thanks for the comment ladybug, can't wait to see more blog posts from you.

  3. A very summery photo right there :)

  4. Agree with above; that photo is great! Bouffy hair and that monokini ;D

    I know right, that denim vest is TO DIE FOR!
    Too bad I have no $$$.

    Stace x

    PS. Love your blog too!

  5. just amazing - the attitude, the body ... everything, xx

  6. Thanks for the tag! And yes, it's funny that this is still going into Autumn!

  7. by the way, is there anything I need to do? I notice I got no notification or anything that you'd tagged me.. so do I just repost these questions and name who I want to pass on to and hope they see it?...


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